How do I import accounts receivable transactions from a spreadsheet into CCH Axcess™ Practice?

The video below explains how to import transactions to accounts receivable from a spreadsheet using CCH Axcess™ Practice.

You must rename the column headers in the import spreadsheet to match the labels shown on the Import Transactions screen for the transaction type you are importing. If properly named, the columns can be in any order.

To import accounts receivable transactions, do the following:

  1. In Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel.
  2. Under Accounts Receivable, select AR transactions.
  3. In the Transactions grid at the bottom of the window, click Import.
  4. In the Entry Type list, select the type of transactions to import.
  5. If you're importing payments, select the bank account where the payments were deposited.
  6. Either click the icon to select the source file to import, or drag and drop a file to the box.
  7. Click Import.
    • Note: Depending on the number of transactions, the import could take some time. You will receive an email notification with information about which transactions were successfully imported and any that could not be imported.
  8. If you have additional imports to perform, click Import Another File. Otherwise, click Close.


  • Payments are distributed automatically if invoice numbers are included in the transaction import. Other transaction types are not distributed.
  • Imported transactions are not posted automatically. Your firm's staff must review and post the transactions after they are imported.
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