How do I request the calculation of interest and penalties using interview forms on Exempt Organization Form 990-PF?

  1. Select interview form X-5 - Form 990-W and Form 2220 for Form 990-PF.
    • Input Date Due - Override - box 100 (if Application for Extension of time to File an Exempt Organization Return - Form 8868 is in the return).
    • Input Date Filed if Not Timely - box 101.
    • Input X to Compute Interest to File Date - box 102.
    • Input X to Compute Late Payment Penalty - box 103.
    • Input X to Compute Late Filing Penalty - box 104.
  2. Calculate the return.

Note: A supporting statement is generated showing the calculations.

To see the solution to view supporting statements click here.

See how do I generate the calculation of penalties and interest in an Exempt Organization 990-PF return using worksheet view for more information.

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