CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement: Engagement Organizer: What's new in the October 2020 release.

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To provide important information about the October 2020 release of Engagement Organizer for CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.


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This article includes details for the following items:

Deployment - [Return to Top]

  • The October 2020 release of Engagement Organizer is automatically deployed to the cloud. Your firm is not required to perform any steps to work with the new release.

New User Profile Setup - [Return to Top]

A new Identity Management application is provided for firm and client users to set up profile information used for securely identifying the user when authenticating for Engagement Organizer. Each user must provide a unique login name. A phone number can optionally be provided for receiving the identity verification code via text message. Email receipt of the code is also still provided.

  • Important: Each firm user will automatically be prompted to complete their profile information when the user selects a binder in CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and chooses the Tools > Engagement Organizer option.

  • For client users to be prompted to complete their profile, a firm user must click the Send button for an organizer where the client user is assigned. An email is sent to each assigned client user with a link to a new Engagement Organizer URL. When the client user clicks the link in the email, the user will be asked to complete their profile information. There are several locations in Engagement Organizer where a firm user can choose to send an email to one or more client users:
    • Click Send in the top right of an open organizer.
    • Click Send Email or Send on the Organizer List page.

Log in Process for Firm Users - [Return to Top]

As required when authenticating for CCH Axcess applications, firm users must now provide the firm's CCH account number when logging in to Engagement Organizer. The firm's account number is automatically entered for the user when the Login page displays after choosing the Engagement Organizer option in ProSystem fx Engagement. The login name from the user's profile is also automatically entered as the Login ID in the page. The user's email address can also be used for the Login ID, assuming the email address is unique for the firm's Engagement Organizer firm users.

Login Process for Client Users - [Return to Top]

Emails sent from Engagement Organizer to client users provides a new URL link which includes their login ID. Client users just need to click the link in the email to open the Login page. The user's Login ID is automatically entered for the user. This Login ID is the user's login name as set up in their profile, or the client user's email address if the user's profile is not yet setup.

  • Important: The URL for Engagement Organizer has changed. As a result, existing client users will not be able to log into Engagement Organizer until a firm user sends an email from Engagement Organizer to them. See the New User Profile Setup item above for pages in Engagement Organizer where a firm user can choose to send an email to client users.

Trust the Device for 30 Days - [Return to Top]

Both firm and client users can select the check box to Trust this device for 30 days on the Verify Your Identity code entry page to allow the user to log in to Engagement Organizer for 30 days on the same device without having to send and enter a verification code.

Set a Retention End Date - [Return to Top]

A retention end date can now be set for each organizer. A firm user can click the Retention End link in the organizer to open a dialog for entering or picking the date for which the organizer should be considered for deletion based on the firm's file retention policies. The organizer will not automatically be deleted on this date. Firm users can search for organizers based on the retention end date to locate organizers that should be considered for deletion. See the Search for Organizers topic below.

  • Note: The period end date now displays after the binder name and ID at the top of the organizer. If the period end date should be changed, it must be edited in the CCH ProSystem fx Engagement Binder Properties dialog. The updated period end date for the binder will transfer to Engagement Organizer the next time a firm user opens Engagement Organizer with that binder selected.

Assign or Copy Client Users - [Return to Top]

For each organizer, the Client Users link can be clicked to open the Organizer Client Users dialog. All client users assigned to the organizer are listed. Below are options available for managing client users assigned to the organizer:

  • Add client user: Click the Add client user link to open the Add Client User dialog. You can add a new Engagement Organizer client user, or you can choose to Assign an existing user from a list that displays as you type the email address for the user.

User-added image

  • Important: A client user is no longer automatically created from the Primary email of the ProSystem fx Engagement Client Properties. A firm user must add each client user as described above or copy user(s) from another organizer as described below. Also, after a client user is added to Engagement Organizer, the firm user is no longer able to edit the contact name for the user. The client user can edit their own contact name by clicking their name or email address in the top right corner of Engagement Organizer and choosing the Email settings option. A contact name should be set up for each client user for that name to be used for a note author or the name of the user that uploaded an attachment.
  • Copy client users: Click the Copy client users link to open the Copy Organizer Client Users dialog. Use the Source organizer search field to locate an existing organizer for the same client from which the client users should be copied. This allows for quickly assigning the same client users from a prior period organizer to a new organizer.

User-added image

Edit Assigned Firm Users - [Return to Top]

For each organizer, the Firm Users link can be clicked to open a new Organizer Firm Users dialog. All firm users assigned to the organizer are listed. Below are options available on the Actions (…) menu for each non-Primary user:

User-added image

  • Make user the Primary: If more than one firm user is assigned to the organizer, you can change the user whose Engagement Organizer email settings should be used for the body and signature of emails from the firm to client users.
  • Opt-Out for email from client: Any non-Primary firm user can now opt-out of receiving emails from client users for an organizer. This action is a toggle for firm users to Opt-In for email from client, if desired.
  • Unassign from organizer: Any non-Primary firm user can be unassigned for an organizer. The firm user can select the associated binder in CCH ProSystem fx Engagement and choose Tools > Engagement Organizer to assign themselves back to the organizer, if needed.

User-added image

Set Due Date for Multiple Selected Request Items - [Return to Top]

A due date can now quickly be set for multiple selected request items. You can select individual request items by just clicking the row to display a blue background. All request items in a section for the selected completion state filter can be selected by clicking the Actions (…) button at the end of a section row and choosing Select all request items on the menu. To unselect request item rows, just click the row to no longer display the blue background. After selecting the applicable request items, click the Actions (…) button at the end of the top for the organizer and choose Set request item due date on the menu to display a dialog for entering or picking the due date to be set for the selected items.

User-added image

Search for Organizer’s by Client Name/ID, Binder Name/ID or by Date - [Return to Top]

In the Organizer List page, firm users can now use the search field to filter the list of organizers by any of the following criteria:

  • Client name or ID
  • Binder name or ID
  • Date (to locate organizers where the due date, retention end and/or period end matches the date entered).
    • Important: The order of the organizers is changed so that the most recently created organizers appear at the top of the list rather than at the end of the list.

​​​​​​Warning When Deleting an Organizer - [Return to Top]

The confirmation message that displays when a firm user chooses to delete an organizer now warns the user that the organizer will be permanently deleted for all users assigned to the organizer.

User-added image

Default Admin User Features - [Return to Top]

If CCH ProSystem fx Engagement v2019.2.6 or higher is installed, the Default Admin user can now create a profile and log in to Engagement Organizer. To open Engagement Organizer, the Default Admin must select a local or central file room binder in Engagement and choose Tools > Engagement Organizer. A special navigation page displays with Firm Users and Organizers links.

  • Firm Users: When clicked, a page displays listing all the firm's Engagement Organizer firm users. The Default Admin user can locate a user in the list and click the Unassign action to remove a firm user from all organizers.
  • Important: If the unassigned firm user was the Primary user for any organizer, a firm user who is still assigned to the organizer(s) must choose a different Primary firm user. See Make user the Primary instructions above.

User-added image

  • Organizers: When clicked, the Organizer List page displays where the firm user can view all organizers for the firm. The search field as described in Search for Organizers… above can be used for the Default Admin user to locate one or more organizers.
  • Important: The Default Admin user is not authorized to send an email to client users for any organizer and is also not authorized to delete any organizers.

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