How do I set up and configure ePay for my firm in CCH Axcess™ Practice?

The video below explains how to set up and configure the ePay options in CCH Axcess™ Practice.​

To set up ePay, do the following:
  1. Set up a merchant account with your payment processor. See which payment processors can my firm use with the ePay feature in CCH Axcess™ Practice for more information.
  2. In CCH Axcess Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel.
  3. Click Settings and defaults under Firm.
  4. Select Practice > ePay.
  5. Click Setup.
  6. With the PSP Details tab selected, click Settings next to your payment processor.
  7. Enter the requested information for your payment processor.
    • CPACharge
      1. Clear the Test mode box.
      2. Click OK.
      3. Click Authorize.
      4. If prompted, log in to the CPACharge.
      5. Click Authorize again.
      6. If this should be the default payment processor, select the Make default check box.
      7. Click Submit.
    • PayPal (Braintree)
      1. Enter your Merchant ID, Public API key, and Private API key.
        • Note: This information should come from Braintree.
      2. Clear the Sandbox account check box.
      3. Click Verify.
      4. If this should be the default payment processor, select the Make default check box.
      5. Click Submit.
  8. Click Merchant Setup.
  9. Do the following as needed on the Display Name tab:
    • Add a logo. For optimal display, we recommend logo sizes no larger than 350 pixels by 120 pixels.
      1. On the Display Name tab, click Upload logo.
      2. Navigate to and select the logo image file.
      3. Click Open.
    • Change how your firm name displays. If needed, edit or format your firm name in the Display name box using the text formatting tools.
  10. Click the Contact Info tab, and edit the information as needed. Your clients will use this information to contact your firm if they have questions about their invoice.
  11. Click Submit.

Additional Information

You must turn off the Test or Sandbox mode before payments can be received. Payments submitted before Test or Sandbox mode is turned off are treated as test transactions, and no deposit is made to your bank account. If you leave Test or Sandbox mode turned on initially, see the relevant article listed below for instructions on disabling Test or Sandbox mode:
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