How do I insert my company logo into our invoice header in CCH Axcess Practice?

Your logo should be in the form of a bitmap or jpeg. Make sure it is a size that would work within the limited space of the header.  

  • Select Invoice and Statement templates from the Firm section of Applications dashboard.
  • Select the header that you want to add the logo to.
  • Place the cursor in the location that the logo should go
  • Select Picture from the ribbon at the top
  • Browse and select the logo. It will import into the header.
  • Select the save icon at the top left of the page to save your new header
  • This would be the same procedure for statements, only choosing the Statements section.
  • The following image formats are supported: BMP, TIF, WMF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF
Note: Do not use the Format Picture option on the Toolbar. This will currently cause issues with the image showing on the Inovice Template using the header or cause issues saving the header file. If the image has to be resize it must be done outside of the Axcess software.


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