How does integration licensing work for CCH ProSystem fx Document On-Premise and CCH Axcess Portal?

There are two licensing options for the CCH Axcess Portal: Standalone and Integrated.

  • If purchasing only CCH Axcess Portal, this is the standalone version. 
  • If purchasing CCH Axcess Portal and CCH ProSystem fx On-Premise Document at the same time, the Portal Conversion Utility must be run.
    • This also occurs if CCH ProSystem fx Document On-Premise is already licensed and CCH Axcess Portal is purchased later.
    • Inversely, this occurs if CCH Axcess Portal is owned and CCH ProSystem fx Document On-Premise is purchased later.
    • This will convert CCH Axcess Portal to the Integrated version.
  • These items will be further clarified by your CCH Sales Representative when you purchase the products.
  • The implementation consultant that assists with implementing the products will ensure that the licensing is correct.
  • The consultant will also ensure that the products are properly set up and integrated.
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