Trial Balance report or Journal Entry report does not display correctly in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager.

General Information

Trial balance reports are very dependent on the trial balance they are created from, how they are set up, or if they're properly communicating to the trial balance database.
  • Click Refresh on the Engagement or Workpaper Manager ribbon to refresh the Trial Balance report and display the correct information.
    • If the report continues to appear unchanged after clicking on the Refresh button, try removing an existing column and then adding the column back again in the Engagement Ribbon > Properties > Format within the report. 
  • Check and confirm that the trial balance database is opening and refreshing properly.  If the trial balance database isn't properly opening please follow the below article:
  • Verify that the trial balance report was generated from the desired grouping list.  If it is using the wrong grouping list it will need to be recreated.
    • The grouping list can be verified by selecting the Engagement Ribbon and then clicking Properties within the trial balance report.
    • While verifying the account grouping, also make sure the correct trial balance was selected when creating the report if the binder contains more than one.
  • If the trial balance report is using the correct grouping, verify the accounts have been assigned to the desired grouping account grouping, unassigned accounts will not populate in a trial balance report.
  • Accounts with zero balances will not display if the option is chosen to hide zero balance accounts in Properties > Settings in the report. 
  • Groups with zero balances will not display if the option is chosen to hide zero balance groupings in Properties > Settings in the report. 
  • If only one column is reporting incorrect values verify that the column is the actually desired column as column abbreviations can be edited.
    • To check this, select Engagement ribbon or Workpaper Manager Ribbon > Properties.  Then click the format columns tab.  This will show all of the column abbreviations along with the column's full name.
    • If the TB Report Properties window does not show a format columns tab the report is likely a legacy report and may have become damaged.  Recreating the report will resolve the issue.
  • If this is a new trial balance report (.xlsx) being created and the accounts are out of order then consider the following:
For Group Summary, Sub-Group Summary or Detail Trial Balance Reports
  • If the trial balance report is being generated based on the Account Groupings list: Financial Statement, Prosystem fx Tax, etc, then when creating a combined detail trial balance report ensure to not check the checkbox "Classified" in the Create Trial Balance Report property window.
For Classified Trial Balance Reports
  • If the trial balance report is attempting to filter and organize the groups and sub-groups based on how they're being classified, then it's advised to choose to create the trial balance report based on "Include Current and Future" and to check the box "Classified" in the Create Trial Balance Report property window..
    • If encountering an issue where there are missing accounts, groups, or sub-groups, inside the classified trial balance report, then this caused either due to groups and sub-groups not being assigned classifications, or they've been assigned with the MEMO classification.
    • If all classifications are not in the order desired and wishing to change the order on how they display in the classified trial balance report, then they will need to be changed by doing the following:
      1. Open the trial balance database.
      2. Click on the Engagement or Workpaper Manager ribbon in Microsoft® Excel®
      3. Click Classifications
      4. In the Classifications window select the classification and use the up and down buttons to rearrange the order.  The trial balance classified detail report will generate based on which classification is displayed first.
      5. Click the close button.
      6. From inside Microsoft® Excel® click Account Groupings.
      7. From the top left corner select the second drop down menu and select the Grouping list being used.
      8. Below click on the button Advanced.
      9. From here review each group and subgroup by selecting the AccClass column to ensure all accounts are classified properly.
    For Trial Balance reports created under a Consolidated Trial Balance
    Additional Information
    If the above configuration is confirmed and setup properly then below are other reasons the issue could be occurring:  
    Finally, a trial balance report can lose the connection to the original trial balance, which prevents the report from updating. If you find one trial balance report is not displaying correctly but others are in the same binder, try to recreate a new trial balance report.
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