How do I prepare California FTB 592-PTE in an 1120S return using CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax interview forms?

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Prepare FTB 592-PTE in a S Corporation return using interview view.


CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax    
S Corporation
Interview View


  1. Go to California > CA26 - California Form 592-PTE.
  2. In Boxes 40-51 - Part II Pass Through Entity Information, input applicable information to populate 592-PTE, Part II.
  3. Go to CA26A - California Form 592 - PTE Continued and Form 3893 (PTE).
  4. In Boxes 30-42 - Schedule of Payees, input applicable information of each person or entity with whom should populate 592-PTE, page 2, Schedule of Payees. 
  5. In Box 43 - Total Income, input an applicable income amount related to the person or entity input in step 4.
  6. In Box 45 - Amount of Tax withheld, input an applicable tax withheld amount related to the income amount input with step 5.
  7. Select  to create an additional sheet, if applicable.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 as applicable to your client.
  9. Calculate the return.


  • Additional sheets of CA26 - California Form 592-PTE > Boxes 40-51 do not create additional entities of FTB 592-PTE.

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