Arizona consolidated/combined return upload error and Stopped: Recalc and Resubmit state only issue using CCH Axcess™ Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

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1120 AZ consolidated how should the export filng tree look?


CCH Axcess™ Tax
CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax
2020.04030 / 2020-4.3




  • Setting up the return group for efile, Arizona will be enabled at the top return, but the parent and subsidiaries will turn AZ to No.
  • An export error has been identified with Arizona combined electronic filing on release 2020.04030 / Axcess 2020-4.3, when attempting to export  Arizona.
    • If the Federal Consolidated return has previously been accepted electronically, then Federal efile must be enabled at all levels to create a functional Arizona combined efile at the top return. 
      • Enable Federal consolidated efile at all levels by reviewing each return in the return group at General > Electronic Filing worksheet > Section 1 > Line 12 - Hold the Federal, and clear any input in this checkbox at all levels of the return group.
      • An upload override code may be needed from support to export from the consolidated level because the Federal consolidated return has already been accepted.
      • No projected release number for this issue as of October 12, 2021.
  • The export tree for AZ combined will show only under the top consolidated return.
  • Select Upload and Hold during efile process.
  • After Upload and Hold of the file to Electronic Filing Status System, a support case must be created to request development edit the electronic file and send only the Arizona return and de-select the Federal.


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