CCH Axcess™ does not open after logging in.

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  • 11/05/2022


  • CCH Axcess does not open after entering credentials.
  • CCH Axcess crashes after logging in.
  • CCH Axcess does not open after signing in.
  • Nothing happens after logging in for CCH Axcess.
  • CCH Axcess disappears after logging in.
  • Maintenance windows is hidden after login.



  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH Axcess Document
  • CCH Axcess Practice
  • CCH Axcess Workstream
  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • CCH Axcess Financial Prep




Windows Time Incorrect

Verify that your computer has the correct time and time zone for your specific region. 
  • If you are unable to change the system time, or if you are unsure of how to change the time/time zone on your computer, please consult your IT for assistance.
  • will show the current, official time for your current location.
  • Daylight saving settings if not setup correctly could also cause this issue.

CCH Axcess Maintenance Window 

If CCH Axcess has a maintenance window coming up sometimes that window can be behind other windows on your machine so please do the following:
  1. On your keyboard press and hold: Alt-Tab.
  2. Look for an Axcess maintenance window and select it.
  3. Once the Maintenance windows pops to the front, click OK and then Axcess will open.
Note:  Unless there is a scheduled maintenance windows for Axcess the Window's time option is going to be the resolution to this issue.

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