How do I input a Schedule K-1 footnote with a 1065 return using interview in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

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How do I enter a Schedule K-1 footnote in a 1065 return using interview


CCH Prosystem Fx


  1. Go to Federal Interview Form 12.
  2. In Boxes 30-32 - FSState, City, select options applicable to the footnote, if it should only apply to a specific tax authority.
  3. In Boxes 33-39, enter the applicable information.
  4. In Boxes 52-242 - Description and/or Amount column, enter the footnote.
    • Note: There is a 60 character limit per line.
  5. Calculate the return.
  • The K-1 footnote input defaults to prepare for partners whose share of an item is $1 or more.
    • To change the default, in Box 35 - Print option code, select from the following options:
      • All partners with profit/loss pcts (default)
  1. General partners with P/L pcts only
  2. Limited partners with P/L pcts only
  3. All partners (allocate amount)
  4. All partners (entire amount to each)
  • Partner-specific footnotes can be created using Box 33 - Partner Number.
  • Ratio allocation is available in box 34 - Ratio ID number, and boxes 56-245 - Ratio ID No., to specially allocate the entire footnote, and/or specific lines of each footnote.

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