Diagnostic: 49024 - "Federal and State Electronic Filing. The net capital gains on Form 8995..." in a 1041 return using CCH Axcess™ Tax or CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax

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Federal Diagnostic 49024:

Federal and State Electronic Filing. The net capital gains on Form 8995, Line 12 or Form 8995-A, Line 34 has been calculated incorrectly. It should equal Form 1041 line 2b(2) plus the smaller of Schedule D, line 18a(2), or line 19(2), unless either line 18a(2) or 19(2) is zero or less. in which case nothing is added to the qualified dividends. It may be necessary to override the government form


  • Version : 2022-4.2
  • CCH Axcess
  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • CCH ProSystem fx Tax
  • Fiduciary Tax
  • 1041




If the amount on Form 8995, Line 12 or Form 8995-A, Line 34 doesn't add up to what the IRS Tax authority is looking for, Input override will be necessary

Additional Information

  • Please find the below mentioned steps to clear e-file diagnostic 49024:
  1. Go to Worksheet View > Federal
  2. Deductions> Form 8995/8995-A Qualified Business Income Deduction
  3. Section 2- Total Overrides and Other Information
  4. Line 10- Net capital gains - override
  5. Calculate the tax return
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