How do I identify computers missing CCH Axcess updates and ensure that CCH Axcess is always up-to-date?

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  1. Identify computers in your firm that do not have the latest version of CCH Axcess. 
  2. Learn about best practices to ensure that CCH Axcess is always up-to-date. 


CCH Axcess


We recommend keeping CCH Axcess updated so that it will be immediately ready for staff who do not use CCH Axcess routinely. Your staff may schedule when CCH Axcess updates automatically install in the background using Install and Update Manager preferences

To review when CCH Axcess was last installed or updated you may:  
  1. Open the CCH Axcess Dashboard and navigate to Application Links > Firm > Utilities.  
  2. Click Export Installation Statistics.  
  3. Choose where you wish to save the report and click Download.  
  4. After download, the excel report will open automatically. If needed, adjust the column widths to make the information easier to read on your screen.
  5. Sort or filter by Last Used.
    • Note: This date represents the last time CCH Axcess was installed or updated on that computer. 
This report may include computers that no longer have CCH Axcess installed or have been decommissioned by your IT staff.  

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