Roll forward hangs when selecting to convert workpapers during roll forward process in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager version 2020.1.3 and 2020.2.1

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  • 11/05/2022


  • Application hangs and requiring pfxengagement.exe to be manually ended in Task Manager. After ending the process, a binder is created in Local File Room. If end user attempts to synch binder, the synch will fail with ziptemp error.


  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement
    • v2020.1.3
    • v2020.2.1
  • CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager
    • v2020.1.3
    • v2020.2.1




This is an issue specific to the 2020.1.3 and the 2020.2.1 release. 
  • Note: The CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement AND CCH® ProSystem fx® Workpaper Manager version 2020.2.2 releases has resolved this issue.
If still running v2020.1.3 or v2020.2.1 please follow below:
  1. When rolling forward a binder, do not select to convert workpapers. The binder will successfully complete roll forward. Some workpapers may not be converted to the new file formats.
  2. After initial failure during roll forward, delete the incomplete binder from the Local File Room. After deletion, roll forward the binder and select to convert all workpapers. Binder will successfully complete rollforward on the second attempt. All workpapers eligible for conversion will be converted.

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