Why can't I view or update an existing support case on support.cch.com?

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While logged in onto the support site I'm unable to update an existing support case.

Why can't I view or update an existing support case on support.cch.com?


Wolters Kluwer support site:


  • The user is needing to login on the support site.
    1. At the top right corner on support.cch.com click Login.
    2. Enter in your email address and password.
      • If unable to successfully sign in, click Forgot your password? to reset the login.
    3. Click Login.
  • If already signed in successfully, but the existing support case is not visible then it's likely due to the account number associated with the user profile when it was first registered. 
    • To resolve this please perform the steps below:
    1. While logged in on the support site, at the top click Account Settings.
    2. Click My accounts.
    3. If no accounts are assigned or the account number is missing, on the right click Add Account.
    4. Enter in either the six digit or ten digit account number.  
    5. Select the access type for the account.
    6. For basic access, enter the billing zip code for the account. For Full access, enter either the invoice number or an order number.
    7. Click Add Account.
      • If unable to add the account number to the existing profile, please contact CCH support and request to have this added to your existing email/user profile.

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