Wisconsin Entity-Level Tax - 1065 - Tax Year 2022

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What are some common questions and answers regarding Wisconsin Pass Through Entity Tax with tax year 2022?


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  • Partnership - 1065
  • Wisconsin - WI
  • 2022


-Form NameSchedule 3-ET
-State Links
Election for PTE
-Is an Election Required?
-Made when?
When Form 3 is filed
-Good for?
Election is made annually.
-How do we make this election?
Form 3 checking Box I
-Separate Form needed?
Schedule 3-ET must be filed with Form 3 if Box I is checked
-Option  to Opt-Out?
Generation of State PTE Return
-How do we generate the form above?
Common State/City > State PTE Generation > State PTE Return Generation > Wisconsin - Generate State PTE return (Interview Form PTE-ST1, Box 262)
Or Wisconsin > Income/Deductions > Form 3-ET > Elect to be taxed at the entity level(Interview Form WI6, Box 50).
-Is this a separate filing from the main form, part of the main form, or filed on it's own?
Part of the main form. Schedule 3-ET must be filed with Form 3.
-Are there estimates for this form?
-How do we generate them?
Per state instructions "If the total of a partnership's franchise or income tax due is $500 or more", or Wisconsin > Payments / Penalties worksheet > Section 5 - Form 3 - Estimates and Other Payments > Line 1 (Interview Form WI41, box 30)
-Can you apply an overpayment from the current year form?
-Do interest/penalties apply?
-Is there an underpayment penalty?
Additional PTE Information
  • Common State > State PTE Generation worksheet >Grid 23  (Interview PTE-ST1, boxes 300-364)
-Does this section apply to this state?
Not at this time.

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