Additional information regarding Electronic filing of Form 5227 using CCH Axcess™ Tax and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

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Electronic filing of Form 5227


ProSystem fx



Electronic filing of Form 5227 is available with release 2022-3.1 / 2022.03010 available on 3/19/23.

There are two different scenarios that need to be reviewed:
  1. Type L or P (Charitable lead trust or Pooled income fund)
    • For a type L or P trust, that requires both the 1041 and 5227, you can electronically file the federal 1041 and the state(s) with the federal 1041.
    • You can also electronically file the 5227. This requires a separate export.
      • You can toggle whether you are exporting the 1041 or the 5227 on General - Electronic Filing > General > Select Type of return to export – Override (Interview Form EF-2, Box 91).
      • Form 5227 is the default is no selection is made.
  2. Type R or U (Charitable remainder annuity trust or Pooled income fund)
    • For a type U or R, since only the 5227 is electronically filed, you can file the Federal 5227. No states can be electronically filed for a type U or R return and there will be disqualifying diagnostics.
    • At present time, the IRS will reject if there are states in the return.

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