How to perform a stand-alone installation for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager or Knowledge Coach.

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  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement
  • CCH ProSystem fx Workpaper Manager
  • CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach


  1. Download the installation image through Software Delivery Manager. 
  2. Complete all tasks in the CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager Pre-Installation Checklist .
  3. When the download in Software Delivery Manager is complete, click View downloaded file in Windows next to the product that needs to be installed.
    • Microsoft Windows Explorer will open showing the downloaded file.
    • The filename listed will vary depending on the product and version.
  4. Double-click the .EXE file to extract the installation files.
    • The product is not installing yet. 
    • Select the path for the download to unzip the files.
      • By default it will extract to the current location, however, it can extract to a preferred network location if necessary.
  5. The extraction process will complete and should launch the setup.exe splash screen present in the extracted file location. 
    • If the installation does not start:
      1. Browse to the installation image folder that was extracted.
      2. Right-click on one of the following files.
        • Setup.exe. This launches the splash screen for installs of Engagement or Workpaper Manager v2019.2.1 and higher.
          • After launching Setup.exe, click one of the new installation options, either New Engagement Installation or New Engagement Installation with Knowledge Coach if licensed for the Knowledge Coach product.
          • Setup.exe should be used for all installs of version 2019.2.1 or higher.
        • Installations\PfxEngSetup.exe. This installs Engagement components without Knowledge Coach.
        • Installations\PfxEngKCSetup.exe. This installs Engagement components and Knowledge Coach.
        • Installations\PfxWMSetup.exe. This installs Workpaper Manager.
      3. Select Run as Administrator
  6. A stand-alone installation will require a named SQL instance to be installed before the application can be installed. Select "SQL Express 20XX (64-bit release)." Refer to the system requirements for our software, as well as SQL before selecting a version.
    • For information about installing 
  7. Accept the license agreement and click next. 
  8. Select "Install or Upgrade SQL PROFXENGAGEMENT instance."
  9. Allow the installation to complete.
  10. Once complete, close the SQL Express installation menus. 
  11. Back on the installation splash screen, select "New Engagement Installation."
  12. Accept the license agreement, then proceed. 
  13. Select the features to install.
    • For a standalone installation:
      • Workpaper Management
        • This will install the Workpaper Manager feature, which is the client component of the application. 
        • Sub-features include Knowledge Coach, sample binders, and templates.
          • To install Knowledge Coach, select "This feature will be installed on local hard drive."
      • Administrator
        • This is the server portion of the application and must be installed. 
      • image.png
      • The "Templates" and "Sample Binder" modules are optional. 
  14. Change the installation path for Engagement if desired, select Browse at the bottom of this menu and select the desired path.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Change the file path for the Administrator databases if desired, browse to this path now. Otherwise, proceed. 
  17. Let the installation complete and restart the machine when prompted. 
  18. If this is the first time installing the program and is the first time a user has signed in to the machine, use the log-in information below.
    • User ID: ADMIN, there is no password for the first time log in. 
      • If installing version 2022.1.1 or newer, a password must be set for the Admin account after logging in the first time. By default, the password but be at least a single character. 
  19. Complete the What is the Post-Installation Checklist for CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager? .

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