CCH Axcess™ Practice : What's included in Release 2018-4.1, July 21, 2019.

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CCH Axcess™ Practice : What's included in  Release 2018-4.1, July 21, 2019.


CCH Axcess™ Practice




What's new:

Enhanced Invoice Templates-the new invoice template design uses an interface similar to the invoice editor.


Correct WIP, Transfer WIP, Reassign Projects-WIP records no longer automatically recalculate when you make corrections.
You can still use the Recalculate button as needed when correcting WIP. When transferring WIP from one client to another or assigning projects to WIP, the rate and amount no longer recalculate.
You can use the Recalculate Rates feature as needed.

Client Dashboard Invoices Pane-The + expander used to see the WIP billed on an invoice now works correctly.

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