CCH® Client Axcess User Guide

Click the attached file to download a copy of the CCH® Client Axcess User Guide. This document is intended for Wolters Kluwer customers licensed to use CCH Axcess™ Portal. The guide is a template in Microsoft® Word format so it can be edited to add your firm's branding and messaging. Then it can be emailed to clients and attached to new user email notifications.

Instructions for customizing this document are outlined below.

  • To begin, search for “[firm name]” and replace with your actual business name, “us,” “the firm,” etc.
  • Customize the cover page and text within the guide as appropriate to meet your firm policies. 
  • After the word file is customized, convert to a PDF file for distribution to clients.
  • Ensure this instructions page is not included in the final client deliverable.  

This document is composed of multiple parts, including sections composed of basic features and an advanced section for clients with more complex portal requirements. Portions of this document may be delivered to clients based on their needs. Individual tax clients may not need the advanced section, whereas business clients with more complex needs will benefit from the entire document.

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