How do I add or update CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager, or Knowledge Coach licenses?

The process for downloading the permission key file was moved to Software Delivery Manager only in the 2021 and newer versions of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Administrator module and Workpaper Manager Administrator module.

For all versions prior to the 2021 releases of CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement and Workpaper Manager the following will steps still be available:

After purchasing licenses, the permission key files are available by download through the Admin module or Software Delivery Manager. Your permission key unlocks the number of licenses you have purchased.

Note: A license is required for every active staff member using Engagement or Workpaper Manager. If there are more active staff members than available Engagement or Workpaper Manager licenses, a dialog displays prompting the administrator to make applicable staff members inactive. Staff members can be set to inactive status on the Staff Properties dialog to release their licenses. If the number of licenses for any other module added is less than the number of licenses currently assigned, a message displays in Engagement or Workpaper Manager indicating that the administrator must un-assign licenses.

The video below shows how to download new permission key files. 

Internet Download

  1. Open the Admin module for Engagement or Workpaper manager.
  2. From the Staff menu, select Add/Update License
  3. Select Internet Download.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter the account number in the User ID field and the SSO password for the account in the Password field. 
  6. Click OK
    • Note: Engagement or Workpaper Manager automatically downloads the appropriate permission key and installs the licenses based on you account information. 

Manual Download

  1. Open and log in to Software Delivery Manager.
  1. ​Click Permission Key to open the PermKey folder.
  2. Copy the file path to the PermKey folder.
  3. Open the Admin module for Engagement or Workpaper Manager.
  4. From the Staff menu, select Add/Update License
  5. Select Permission key drive path.
  6. Next to browse..., paste the path to the PermKey folder.
  7. Click OK
After the licenses are added, any additional Trial Balance or CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach licenses will need to be assigned existing users. For detailed steps on assigning licenses, refer to the article How do I assign CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement, Workpaper Manager, or Knowledge Coach licenses to a staff member
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