How do I configure custom letterhead in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

In order to complete this process you will need to copy the custom letterhead file into Wfx32 and configure Office Manager to see the file.

To copy the custom letterhead file into Wfx32 follow these steps:

  1. Using Computer or Windows Explorer browse to the location that your custom letterhead exists. 
    • If you just ordered custom letterhead from Customer Service you should have received the file on disk.
    • If you have had customer letterhead in previous years and have had it configured, it should exist in the previous year's Laser folders.
      • This location is ?:\Wfx32\YYT\Laser.
        • ?:\ = the drive that you run CCH ProSystem fx Tax from
        • YY = the 2 digit year
        • T = the tax product
    • The letterhead file will be in the format of lw####.hp.
  2. Copy and paste the lw####.hp file to ?:\Wfx32\YYT\Laser for the year/s that it needs to exist in.
    • You will need to copy the file to the Laser folder for each year and each tax product that you want the letterhead file to be used in.

To configure Office Manager to use the letterhead file follow these steps:

  1. Exit out of Tax Preparation if the return is open.
  2. Open Office Manager.
  3. Select Configure Applications > Tax Preparation > Configure.
  4. Under the "Tax Prep - Select Office Group" window, select the appropriate office group for the custom letterhead and click OK
  5. Under the "Configure Tax Preparation [office group]" window, select Letters/Filing Instructions > Setup.
  6. This will open the "Letters and Filing Instructions Information" window.
    • In the "Letters Options" section, enter the four-digit code that corresponds to the custom letterhead file in the "Custom letterhead laser form #" box, e.g. lw1234.hp will have the four-digit code of 1234.
  7. Close Office Manager.
  8. Open the return in Tax Preparation and select Calc > Recalc.


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