How do I enter information on state Schedule K-1 forms in CCH® IntelliForms®?

  1. OpenĀ the state Schedule K-1 forms from the Blank Forms menu.
  2. Open the Federal K-1.
  3. Select the Global Info tab.
  4. Click Apply Profile.
  5. Select the profile you want to apply.
  6. Click Enter on Form.
  7. Select the forms you want to apply the information to.
  8. Click Apply Profile.
If you areĀ using Form 1065, the partner name, address, and other demographic information should be entered on the Detail tab of the Federal K-1 form.This information then flows to the state Schedule K-1 forms that have been added to the client.The remaining information, such as amounts for ownership percentage, income, expense, and credit amounts should be entered on the state K-1 forms.
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