How do I install CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager on a stand-alone machine?

  1. Install Engagement per How do I install CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement?.
    • Important: When you get to step 10 select Administrator and Workpaper Management, then continue with the rest of the steps. 
  2. Log in to the Administrator module and configure it.
    • The steps for configuring the Administrator Module are in the Administrator Module User Guide. Here's a link to the v2017 Engagment copy:
      • Administrator Module User Guide
      • The Administrator Module User Guide is also available in the ?:\Pfx [Engagement or Workpaper Manager]\Admin\[Engagement or Workpaper Manager] CD image\Documents folder (where ? is the drive letter that the program was installed to). 
    • From the table of contents, follow these steps in order for each section:
      1. Initial Login to the Engagement Administrator.
      2. Entering Information About Your Firm.
      3. Adding Licenses.
      4. Adding New Staff Members.
      5. Creating a Central File Room.
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