How do I install a new tax product in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

The following video shows how to install an additional tax product to an existing installation of CCH ProSystem fx Tax.

To install a specific tax product, you will need to run an installation from the latest installation image or DVD for the year that you need to install the tax product for.

Regardless of whether you use Software Delivery Manager or a DVD to add the new product, when you launch the installation file you will use the following steps to add the tax product.

  1. Select the appropriate Permission Key option.
    • Since we're adding a new tax product to an installation that already exists, select Use previously installed permission key and click OK.
  2. Select Add Products and click OK.
  3. Highlight Tax products and click OK.
  4. Check the tax product(s) that you want to add and click OK.
    • If you are installing 2012 or prior, make sure the box is white with a check in it versus a gray box with a check in it.  If you see a gray box with a check in it, uncheck and recheck the box.  This will ensure that all the states for the tax product get installed.
  5. You may be asked to assign the product(s) to a Destination Drive.
    • If you install CCH ProSystem fx Tax to a network drive, make sure to choose the appropriate network drive letter.
    • Click Assign to Drive and click OK.
    • If you are not prompted to assign the tax products to a drive, that means that the program already knows where to install them to.
  6. You will be prompted to select a program group.  Select ProSystem fx Tax and click OK.
  7. Select Install now and click OK.
  8. The installation will start.  It will complete on it's own.


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