How do I install or update CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax using Software Delivery Manager?

Use Software Delivery Manager to download the installation files for CCH ProSystem fx Tax. Use Software Delivery Manager to download the latest installation file as soon as product updates are available. After downloading the file, run it to start the installation process.  

  • To ensure files are properly updated, administrator rights are required to perform installations or to run Workstation Setup.
If you are installing ProSystem fx Tax on a new computer and already have an existing installation, review the following articles:

Process Overview

Installing CCH ProSystem fx Tax using Software Delivery Manager consists of three main steps.

  1. Download the compressed installation file using Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Extract the installation files for CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax from the file that you downloaded
  3. Install CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

Below are detailed instructions for each of the above steps.

Download the Installation File Using Software Delivery Manager

  1. Install Software Delivery Manager if you have not already done so. 
  2. Download the file to install Tax using Software Delivery Manager.

Extract the Installation Files

The video below shows how to extract the installation files
At this point, you have downloaded the installation file to install Tax using the instructions above.

  1. In Software Delivery Manager, click View downloaded file in Windows next to the product that you are installing.  
    • Microsoft® Windows® Explorer opens showing the downloaded installation file.  
    • The filename listed varies depending on the product and version.
  2. Double-click the file to start the extraction process.
    • You are not installing the product yet.  Use the default path when prompted to select the location to unzip the files.
    • UNC paths are not supported when extracting the download.
  3. Click Unzip to start the extraction process.
  4. Let the extraction process complete.

After the extraction process completes, you are ready to start the installation process.

Installing or Updating CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax

The video below shows how to install CCH ProSystem fx Tax.

At this point, you have extracted the installation files to install Tax using the instructions above.  

Prior to starting the installation, run Workstation Setup - Setup Icons (option 1) from the computer that you are installing the program at.  If you have never ran Workstation Setup on this machine or if you use Workstation Setup to install the program files locally (option 2), please run a Setup Icons Workstation Setup now.  Click to find out how to run Workstation Setup.

  1. When the extraction process completes, the installation begins automatically.
    • If it does not start, double-click Setup.exe in the folder that you extracted the installation files to.
  2. Select the Permission Key option.
    • If this is the first time that you are installing the software for the newest year or if you have added new licensing, select Internet download and click OK.
      • Enter your Single Sign On (SSO) user ID and password.
      • These are the same credentials that you used when logging into Software Delivery Manager.
    • If you are updating a previously installed year to the latest version, select Use previously installed permission key and click OK.
  3. If prompted, select Add Products and then click OK.
  4. Click OK for the pre-selected products.
  5. Verify the tax products you need to install have a check next to them and click OK.
  6. The install may ask to assign the products to a destination drive.
    • If you install Tax to a network drive, make sure to choose the appropriate network drive letter.
    • Click Assign to Drive and then click OK.
    • If the install does not ask to assign the products to a destination drive, a prior installation assigned them to a drive.
  7. The installation will select ProSystem fx Tax as the program group.  Click OK.
  8. Choose Install now and click OK.
  9. The installation process begins.
  10. When the installation completes, it may prompt you to reboot your workstation.  If it does, please go ahead and reboot your computer.
  • To log into CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax for the first time after a fresh installation, type "admin" into the User ID field, and ensure that the Password field is blank.
  • When you sign in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password and create security questions.
  1. If this is a network install of Tax, update your workstations (if needed) by running a Workstation Setup at each workstation.


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