How do I install, repair, uninstall, or download CCH Axcess™ products?

The following video shows how to install, download, uninstall, or repair the CCH Axcess™ products using Install and Update Manager.

Note: CCH Axcess Install and Update Manager must be installed before you follow the steps in this article. Click for instructions about installing CCH Axcess Install and Update Manager.

Before installing, uninstalling, or repairing CCH Axcess products, make sure that all CCH Axcess programs, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word are closed.

To install, uninstall, repair, or download CCH Axcess products, do the following:

  1. Open CCH Axcess Install and Update Manager.
    • Note: This can be located in the CCH Axcess folder on the Desktop or by doing a search on the workstation.
  2. Select Install on the left side of the window. The products that you are licensed for will be listed. The following information is available:
    • The Current State column displays whether the product is installed.
    • The Available Release column displays the release available for download.
    • The Installed Release column displays the release that you have installed.
  3. Select the products that you need to install, repair, or download.
  4. Click the button for the action you wish to do.
    • Install. Downloads and installs the selected products.
    • Repair. Repairs the installation of the selected products.
    • Download. Downloads the installation files for the selected products. You can then browse to the downloaded files at a later time to install them.
    • Reinstall. Uninstall and Reinstall Axcess products. 

Click to view the Help file on installing CCH Axcess products.

Uninstall. Uninstalls the selected installed products
Note: This should only be done if Support directs you to do so.

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