How do I move CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax to another computer or server?

Note: This article is to be only used if you are moving the tax program files (wfx32 folder) to a new computer. If you have a network installation of the program and the wfx32 folder is staying on an existing computer/file server that is hosting the files then all you need to do is run a workstation setup on that new computer/server after mapping the drive to the shared folder. 

If you are indeed moving the tax program (wfx32 folder) off a computer/file server to another, please follow the instructions below.

Print a Firm Authorization Report and save it for your records

  1. Run the Firm Authorization Report and save it for your records.
  • This report will need to be completed before the program is moved to the new computer/server.
  • If this report is grayed out in your installation continue to the next step in the process.

Copy Wfx32 to New Server or Computer

  1. Browse to the drive where CCH ProSystem fx Tax is installed. The wfx32 folder will be at the root.
  2. Copy the wfx32 folder to the new location it will be run from.
  • ​​The wfx32 folder must be in the root of a drive.
  • You will also need to copy and paste any Wfx[YY] folders to the root of the new location ([YY] = two digit year).

Edit Ctx.ini (if needed)

  1. If you will be running CCH ProSystem fx Tax from a different drive letter, you will need to edit Wfx32\ctx.ini. 

Run Workstation Setup

  1. On each workstation using CCH ProSystem fx Tax a Workstation Setup needs to be run.
When Workstation Setup completes, your CCH ProSystem fx Tax icons will point to the new drive letter.

Note: The default location for the PDF files printed from Tax Preparation are created in ?:\Wfx32\Client\Pdf\YYT, where ?:\ is the location of the ProSystem fx Tax installation drive, YY is the Two Digit Tax Year, and T is the tax product. If the firm chose to change this default location, the location may need updated to reflect the new server.


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