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When you either create a support case, Support updates the case, or the case is closed, you will receive an email showing the status of the support case.

The email received will most often be from sender:

The top of the e-mail will state, "Ticket #... has recently been ...  See below for details or view the ticket online at: [URL for the support case]."

In order to receive a timely response from Support, please do not reply to the email. Use the support case system to respond to Support using the instructions below.

Respond to a Support Case

  1. Open an internet browser and go to Click Support Cases in the toolbar and then My support cases
  2. Search for your case number.
  3. Select the case number to view the details of the case.
  4. Select Update case to create the response to the support case.
  5. In the text box Add Comment, type your response.
    • To cancel, select Cancel.
  6. Attach relevant files, select Add files.
    • CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax and CCH Axcess™ Tax return files can only be attached if zipped with a trusted file compression application at this time. Click here for Microsoft instructions for using their built-in compression tool.
    • Zip the tax return file either stand-alone, or with other relevant files, then attach directly to the case using steps 7-11 below.
      • The system will inform you if an invalid file type is selected.
      • Many file types can be attached: PDF, Excel, PNG, JPEG, ZIP, etc.
    • For additional options on providing tax return files to support, please select the applicable Additional Information link below.
  7. Browse for the file.
  8. Select the file.
  9. Select Open.
  10. Attach more files by repeating steps 6 through 8.
    • Select Show more upload fields to attach more than the default of three files.
  11. When finished, select Update case to send the message and any attachments to support.
  12. Support will respond to the case.

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