How do I select the location where invoices generated in CCH Axcess™ Practice are sent to in CCH Axcess™ Document?

Before you send invoices from Practice to Document, set up the invoice mapping options using the following procedure. Invoice mapping options determine where invoices are stored in Document, among other options.

  1. Open Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel, and then click Settings and defaults under Firm.
  2. On the navigation panel, select Document > Practice Mapping to display the invoice mapping options.
  3. Select an option to indicate if the Add Files window should display when an invoice is added to Document.
  4. In the Folder template grid, select the metadata to apply to invoices added to Document. You can select different metadata for each folder. 
  5. Select Archive if invoices added to this folder template should be archived.
  6. Select Permanent if invoices in this folder template should never expire.
  7. Select Publish to Portal if invoices added to this folder template should be published to a portal automatically. If you select this option, you also must select an option for each of the following:
    • Portal edit mode. Select whether the published invoices should be read-only or editable.
    • Publish folder. To select the portal template folder where invoices should be stored, click the browse button . In the Browse folder template window, select the storage folder, and then click OK.
  8. In the Invoice default file naming convention section, select to use either the default file naming convention for invoices, or a custom naming convention.
    • If you choose Default, the format for invoice file names will be:

    • If you choose Custom, create a custom file-naming convention to be used.
      1. Click Add fields to display the Insert Smart Tags window.
      2. Select fields as needed in the Field Name column.
      3. Click Add Selected to include the fields in the file name convention.
  9. Click OK.
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