How do I use API's with CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement?

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To be able to use the API's with CCH ProSystem fx Engagement.


  • CCH ProSystem fx Engagement
  • Version 2018.2.1 (and higher)


There are 5 APIs available for Engagement:
  • Client – will allow firms to script directly to their ERP system to automatically perform tasks in Engagement such as adding/updating client information.
  • Binder – This API allows the firm to configure a script to automatically create binders with the new Engagement template for all the original binders.
  • Staff – will allow firms to script directly to their third-party system to automatically create/update staff in Engagement.
  • Trial Balance – will allow firms to configure a script to pull data from Engagement trial balances to be able to create dashboards to leverage the following data:
    • Account type, classification, grouping list, fund type, fund data​.
    • By client type or industry​.
  • Workpaper – will allow firms to configure a script to automatically add workpapers to an Engagement binder.

Additional Information

To assist in your use of the APIs with Engagement, there are two guides that will provide you the information necessary for your IT to work with the APIs. These can be downloaded from the Attachments section located on the right side of this article. 

Engagement 2018 API Reference material:
  • 2018 Pfx Engagement Api
Engagement 2019 API Reference material:
  • 2019 Pfx Engagement Api
Engagement 2020 API Reference material:
  • 2020 Pfx Engagement Api
API's require the Workpaper Management module to be installed.  This module contains the API binaries to be referenced by you application. 
The API's will be installed to "C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\assembly\GAC_MSIL" with the installation of the Workpaper Management module.

Should additional assistance be needed you can contact your sales person to request Professional Consulting Services.

Visual Studio sample demos are available for the 2019 Engagement API, click the following link to download the samples - API_Demo_Samples_2019
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