How do I use CCH® Software Delivery Manager?

Software Delivery Manager is a tool that is used to download installation files for all of your CCH ProSystem fx products. After downloading the installation image, you will need to run the installation.  

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Using Software Delivery Manager - [Return to Top]

  1. Open Software Delivery Manager.
  2. Enter your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials:
  3. If you are prompted to Select how to manage old downloads, select one of the choices and click Save.
    • This prompt will only appear once. After you have selected a time limit to keep downloads, you can change it later using Settings (see below).
  4. On the upper-right side of the window are the My Downloads, Permission Key and Settings buttons.
    • My Downloads. Shows you which products that you have downloaded installation files for. From this window, you can delete the downloaded files or open the folder that the downloaded files have been saved to.
    • Permission Key. Downloads the latest version of your permission key.
      • During product installations, you will have an option to download the permission key.  In most installs, you also have an option to use the previously installed permission key.
    • Settings. Used to configure Software Delivery Manager. See the Configuration Settings below for more detail.
  5. The products that you license appear in the main part of the window.  This is where you can download the installation files for the CCH ProSystem fx products.
    • This part of the window shows the product name, the version of the product available for download, a description of the product, the date the latest version was released on, a link to the release notes for the latest version of the product, and the download status of any products that you have already downloaded.
      • Clicking View for the release notes shows you what new features have been added to release available for download.  This may help you determine if you need to download and install that particular update.
  6. Once you have downloaded the installation file for the product, you still need to install it.  Scroll down to the Installing the CCH Products section below and click on a product link for instructions on installing the product.

Configuring Software Delivery Manager - [Return to Top]

  1. Click Settings to configure Software Delivery Manager.
    • Check for updates at. Select a time for Software Delivery Manager to check for updates to itself.
    • Automatically install updates for Software Delivery Manager. If checked, updates to Software Delivery Manager will automatically install when they are downloaded.
      • Note: The above two options only pertain to updates to the Software Delivery Manager application itself, not the CCH products that you can download installation files for using Software Delivery Manager.
    • Automatically download new releases of Tax. If checked, Software Delivery Manager will download the latest installation files for CCH ProSystem fx Tax as soon as they are released.
    • Notify me when a download is successful. If checked, Software Delivery Manager will notify you when CCH ProSystem fx Tax has successfully downloaded.
    • Download location.​​​​​​​
      • Save files to. Click Browse to select a location to save the downloaded files to.
        • Note: The default download path is Documents\ProSystemFxSoftware.
      • Always ask me where to save files. Select this option if you would like to choose a folder path for files to be downloaded to each time you download a product installation file.
    • Automatically delete download after. Select one of the choices to automatically delete the downloaded installation files after an amount of time passes.
    • Ask me about viewing files in Windows after a manual download is complete. If selected, Software Delivery Manager will prompt you to open the folder that the installation files were saved to when the download is complete.
  2. When finished, click Save.

Downloading Installation Files For Your CCH Product Using Software Delivery Manager - [Return to Top]

  1. The products that you license appear in the main part of the window. 
  2. Select the product that you want to download, and then click Start Download in the lower right corner.
  3. Depending on the Settings configuration, the program may ask where to save the installation file to.  Select a location and click OK.
  4. The download process begins.
    • The download speed is dependent on the speed of your Internet connection (bandwidth).
  5. While the product's installation file is downloading you will see the download progress and status in the Download Status column.
    • Pause or stop the download at any time by pressing the pause or stop buttons.
  6. When the download of the product installation file is complete, the Download Status will change to View downloaded file in Windows.
    • If you have Software Delivery Manager configured to prompt you to view the files in Windows after the download is complete, click Yes to open the folder that the downloaded files exist in or click No to return to Software Delivery Manager.
    • You can also click View downloaded file in Windows in the Download Status column to open the folder that the downloaded files exist in.
  7. At this point, you are ready to start the installation process for the product that you just downloaded the installation file for.  Click on a product link below to view instructions on installing the specific CCH product.

Installing CCH Products - [Return to Top]

Click on any of the CCH products below to view the instructions on how to install or update the products.

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