How to enable/disable the use of a Authenticator app with CCH Axcess™ 2-Step Authentication.

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Instructions to enable the ability to use a authentication app for 2-Step verification


CCH™ Axcess


  1. Open Dashboard, click Application Links on the navigation panel, and then click Settings and defaults under Firm.
  2. Click Login Setup on the navigation panel.
  3. Under the 2-Step verification configuration section select SmartPhone Authentication.
  4. This will prompt you with a verification box.
  5. Click Yes
  • Users will now be able to use the SmartPhone Authenticator.
To disable this feature follow these instructions and unselect SmartPhone Authentication is step 3.

Additional Information

For information on o how users authentication using a Authenticator app review How to log in and complete 2-Step verification using a Authenticator app for CCH Axcess.  
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