How your first login will look after the 2020.-1000 release of CCH ProSystem fx Web Applications

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To provide assistance with the first login after the 2020.01000 release for ProSystem fx Web Applications


CCH ProSystem fx Web Applications


Note: All ProSystem fx Web Application users will be prompted to complete this 2-Step verification process on the 2020.01000 release.

Here is how the login will look the first time you log in after the 2020.01000 release.
  1. Open your ProSystem fx Web Application and login with your SSO credentials
  2. Complete the 2-Step verification process by email, text or phone.
  3. After 2-Step verification is completed, verify a phone number and click Continue (Picture Below)
    • If you select the "Skip for now" option then you will continue to get this prompt when logging in until a phone number is entered.
User-added image
  1. After verifying a phone number, complete 2-Step verification again using a phone number by using  the Text or Voice Message option (Picture Below).
User-added image
  1. Enter the Code received from the text message or phone call and click Submit (Picture Below).
User-added image
  1. Now the 2-Step verification process is complete and all future verifications will be by text or phone message.

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