What are the anti-virus requirements for CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

The following information covers the anti-virus and firewall settings required for the proper functionality of your software installation:

Virus scan and firewall settings

  • It is highly recommended that before any CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax installation is performed, you disable your anti-virus software to avoid potential installation issues.
  • Real-time virus scanning must be excluded on all CCH® ProSystem fx® Office directories on both file servers and workstations. 
    • For CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax, this is the Wfx32 folder.  You will need to exclude the drive path and UNC path:
      • Network drive: ?:\wfx32
      • UNC path: \\Server\share\wfx32
      • Server path:  Location to the wfx32 folder on the server, Example d:\shares\pfx\wfx32
    • Some anti-virus software require that that the individual .exe files in Wfx32 are added to trusted files versus excluding the folder.
    • Some anti-virus software also require that you exclude specific file extensions for files that reside in the "?:\Wfx32\Tmp" folder such as *.POB and *.CEL.
      • If you receive a lot of errors within the ?:\wfx32\tmp folder you may need to exclude the extension causing the error in your anti-virus program.
    • Some anti-virus software need to have the file "tb1040.dat" excluded.  This file is located in "C:\Windows\System."
    • Some anti-virus software may have Heuristic functions.
      • Heuristic antivirus features use Heuristic Analysis, this is an active scanning feature that commonly ignores folder exclusions.
      • Some common names of the function: Advanced Threat Detection, Behavioral Analysis, Advanced Threat Defense or System Watch.
      • Consult the anti-virus software vendor for configuration options, the feature may need to be disabled if no options exist for configuration.
  • Firewall ports 80 and 443 must be open for outbound request and inbound replies.
    • Allowed domains:
      • cch.com
      • cchgroup.com
      • prosystemfx.com
      • prosystemfx.net
  • Click here for information on problems downloading software through Software Delivery Manager.


  • There have been cases where various anti-virus programs have quarantined files in the Wfx32 folder.  When this happens, the program or parts of the program cease to work.  If your anti-virus program does quarantine files from Wfx32 you will need to un-quarantine them. 
  • It is also recommended that you set exclusions for the specific file that it quarantined. 
  • Depending on what anti-virus program you have, when un-quarantining the file, the anti-virus program may ask you if the file is from a trusted source.  If you receive this type of prompt, select the option that marks the file as a trusted file.
    • Warning! For data integrity and firm security purposes, you should scan all files on your system on a regular basis. However, these full scans should not be performed when the data is in use, i.e., when users are logged in or during a backup.
  • Using file exclusions allows your scanning software to continue to protect your system while ignoring the excluded directories.
  • You may want to run a full scan with no exclusions at the start of the day before anyone logs into the CCH® ProSystem fx® products, or perhaps run an automated scan after hours. The key is to close all open CCH® ProSystem fx® files when the scan initiates to run without exclusions.
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