How do I backup client returns in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

This video goes over how to backup client data and returns in Office Manager.

Note: Before beginning, make sure the location you want to backup data to is available.
  1. Open Office Manager.
  2. Click Backup Client Data.
  3. On the Create Client List window, select one of the following and click OK:
    • All clients. Displays a list of all clients on your system where you can select those clients you want to back up or select all clients to be backed up.
    • New/modified clients. Displays a list of new clients and clients whose data was recently updated where you can select the clients you want to back up.
    • Specific client. Displays the Specific Client window where you enter the name or ID of the specific client you want to backup. The matching clients display.
    • Customized list. You create a list of clients filtered by client type, office group, and/or preparer. Select the filters. The matching clients display.
  4. On the Select Clients for Backup window, select clients for backup.
    • Note: Select Delete after backup if returns should be deleted from the hard drive after backup.
  5. Click Select Drive to select the drive or directory to back up your client files.
    • Note: There is a 512 file limit when backing up to the root directory of a drive.
  6. Click OK. If a backup already exists on the selected drive or directory, you will be able to do one of the following:
    • Append. If one of the client files in the selected list was included in an earlier backup, that file will be overwritten.
    • Overwrite. All files will be overwritten.
  7.  Browse to the specified backup location and there will be a ZIP file for each client that was backed up and one CLNTBKUP.001 that is an index file for the backup.
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