How do I create an Organizer in CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax?

  1. Open Production Processing.
  2. Select Process Client Organizers.
  3. Select Create Organizer and then click OK.
  4. Select the tax year.
  5. Select any filter to narrow down the search results and click OK.
  6. In the top "Returns" list, highlight the client(s) that you want to create organizers.  Click Add to move them to the bottom "Returns selected for Organizers" list.
    • If all files are needed, click Add All.
    • Click Remove to remove the client(s) from the bottom list and return it to the top list.
  7. After adding all the organizers to be created, and click OK.
  8. On the Organizers Options window: If you wish to save the client list to a batch name, check "Save list to batch" and enter in a batch name.  If you want to use the tax payer name and address in the client profile verses the tax payer name and address listed in the return (this information may be the same) check "Use client profile data" and click OK.


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