What firewall rules should I set for CCH® IntelliForms® 2014?

After entering your User ID and Password within CCH IntelliForms 2014 and click Apply you receive one of these errors:
  • Internet not available
Unable to connect to the internet. Authentication cannot be performed until an internet connection is available. Click Continue to access your saved clients.
  • Internet Login
Authentication cannot be performed. Please enter a valid IntelliConnect username and password. Has your IntelliConnect password changed recently?

To resolve this problem, you may need to set up a firewall rule to allow access to the CCH IntelliForms forms servers or to bypass your content filter. You may also need to configure CCH IntelliForms’ proxy settings (please see article Unable to Connect to the Internet from CCH IntelliForms 2014).

Since the method of adding rules on firewalls differs with each firewall type, this article can only cover general information to assist you in setting up your rule.

  • IP Addresses

  • Domains
ftp.zillionforms.com (this domain communicates via http)
  • Applications
Cchcommx09.exe (for IntelliForms 2009)
CCHcommx10.exe (for IntelliForms 2010)
CCHcommx11.exe (for IntelliForms 2011)
CCHcommx12.exe (for IntelliForms 2012)
CCHcommx13.exe (for IntelliForms 2013)
CCHcommx14.exe (for IntelliForms 2014)
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