How do I get surviving spouse information to flow to pg 2, Part 4 of the 706 Estate return using Interview forms?

  1. Select EST-1 - Descendent, Marital Status and Probate.
    • Input Marital status of decedent at time of death - box 40 = 2.
  2. Click EST-3 - Beneficiaries, Co-Tenants, ETC
    • Input Beneficiary type code - box 31 = S. (Double click on this box for options).
    • Input Name - box 32 = spouse's name.
    • Input Social security number - box 36 = spouse's SSN.
  3. Calculate return.

NOTE:  The amount on the 706 pg 2, Part 4, line 4c carries from the Schedule M, line 6.  It includes amounts passing to marital trusts and QTIP trusts as well as amounts passing directly to the spouse.  This is in accordance to an IRS directive.

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