How do I set up a custom tax in CCH Sales Tax Office?

A Custom Tax Category and a Custom Tax Type must be set up in order to create a custom tax.

To set up a custom tax type, complete the following:

  1. Log into the Sales Tax Office – Calculation module as an administrator.
    • Or a staff user with "full" rights.
  2. Click Maintain > Custom Taxes.
  3. Click Add on the "Maintain Custom Taxes" dialog. 
  4. Click the Tax Authority button on the "Add Custom Tax" dialog.
  5. If the Geocode is not known, press the Geocode button.
  6. Enter the State, County and City.
  7. Click the Search button.
  8. Highlight the proper Geocode.
  9. Click the Select button.
  10. If the Geocode is known, enter the proper Geocode for the tax authority.
  11. On the "Tax Authority Lookup" dialog click Search.
  12. Highlight the Taxing Authority.
  13. Click the Select button on the "Tax Authority Lookup" dialog.
  14. Highlight the proper "Tax Type/Tax Category" on the "Add Custom Tax" dialog.
  15. Enter the effective date and the expiration date. 
  16. Click OK.
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