Why does a custom tax not appear in the Tax Liability Lookup in CCH Sales Tax Office?

  1. Launch the Calculation module as an Administrator or staff with full rights.
  2. Select Configure > Global Customization > Custom Taxes.
  3. Highlight the Custom Tax and select Mapping on the Maintain Custom Taxes dialog.
  4. In the Maintain Custom Tax Mappings dialog, make note of the effective date of that mapping.
  5. Close out of Maintain Custom Tax Mappings dialog and Maintain Custom Taxes dialog.
  6. Select Lookup > Tax Expert > Tax Liability.
  7. Input all the information and input the effective on date based on the effective on date of the custom tax that was in the Maintain Custom Tax Mappings dialog.
  8. Select the Search button.
  9. You can now view the custom tax information in the grid.
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