How do I create custom keywords for DataScan Plus in CCH ProSystem fx Tax?

When creating or editing a search package in DataScan Plus, we provide a list of popular keywords to search for.  If a keyword that you want to search for does not exist in the list, you can create a custom keyword for any field that is in a tax return.

To Create A Custom Keyword

  1. Open Tax Preparation for the year that you are needing to run a scan in.
  2. Open a return of the same type that you are running a scan in.
  3. Go to the specific form that the keyword is located on.
    • This can be either an interview form, a worksheet, or a government form.
      • If you create a keyword on an interview form, it will not search the applicable worksheet.
      • If you create a keyword on a worksheet, it will not search the applicable Interview form.
      • If you create a keyword on a government form, it doesn't matter what input method you use.
  4. Click your cursor in the field that you want to create a keyword for.
    • The field does not need to have data in it.  It can be blank.
  5. Press Options > Define as Keyword...
  6. Enter a new keyword description and press OK.
  7. This new keyword will be available in DataScan Plus now.
    • Any keywords created on federal forms will be listed under "FD" in DataScan Plus.
    • Any keywords created on state forms will be listed under the applicable state in DataScan Plus.


  • Keywords are specific to the tax year and tax product from which they are defined.
  • If you are defining a repeating field as a keyword, you must be in government or interview forms view. A repeating field is one that can have multiple occurrences on multiple sheets within the return.
  • Click here to view a knowledge base article on how to use DataScan Plus.
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