Converting documents from Microsoft® Office .doc and .xls to .docx and .xlsx formats in CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager can lead to loss of data.

Note: Microsoft® Office .docx and .xlsx file formats can be inserted into a binder. Conversion of existing workpapers to this new file format must be performed outside of the CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement or Workpaper Manager binder.

It is not recommended to convert the original Microsoft® Office workpaper(s) from the ..(doc/..xls) formats to the (.docx/.xlsx) formats by either clicking File > Convert | or File > Save As > then changing the Save as file type from inside either Microsoft® Excel® or Word if they're stored inside Engagement or Workpaper Manager.  If this is performed then the original file will  no longer be linked to the Engagement or Workpaper Manager binder, and it will no longer open from inside Engagement or Workpaper Manager which can risk leading to loss of data.

  • When you convert a Microsoft® Excel® or Word document from .doc/.xls to .docx/.xlsx within Engagement or Workpaper Manager, and try to open the document, you will receive the following error: "Unable to open this workpaper because the file does not exist". The reason for the error is that the conversion changes the extension of the workpaper which changes the workpaper's name; however, the SQL database is not aware of the name change. Since the SQL reference in the binder points to a .doc file Engagement or Workpaper Manager will not find the workpaper to open.

To avoid data loss or the "Unable to open this workpaper because the file does not exist," follow the steps below to export a copy of the workpaper outside of Engagement or Workpaper Manager, manually convert your files from the old to the new file format, and then import the workpaper back into the binder:

  1. In the binder, right-click on the workpaper to be converted.
  2. Select 'Send To' > File > Original File Format.
  3. Select to save the file to a location (such as your Desktop).
  4. Open the saved file.
  5. Use the Office 'Save As' option to save the file as an "Excel Workbook (*.xlsx)" or "Word Document (*.docx)."
    • This will create a new file.
  6. Insert the new workpaper (.xlsx file or .docx file) into your Engagement or Workpaper Manager binder.

Starting in Engagement or Workpaper Manager v7.1 a new introduced option is available to convert Microsoft® Office .xls/.doc workpapers to .xlsx/.docx. It is available through the below methods:

  Solution Tools
 Solution Id 000031096/sw17786
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