Error: “Unable to write to ADS.INI”

Note: This error is usually because the User does not have the proper permissions to write to the WINDOWS or WINNT folder.  To trouble shoot this error you may wish to consult your firms IT Professional as it may require knowledge of network permissions.

For standard installs (Non-Citrix/Terminal server):

1.       Log into the machine as a user with administrative rights to the network.

2.       If you no longer receive the error verify the following:

a.       Make sure that this user is an Administrative User in XP or at least a Power User on a Windows 2000 Professional machine. 

b.      Make sure they can write to the WINDOWS \ WINNT folder.

3.       If you are still receiving the error please call ProSystem fx Practice Support

For Citrix or Terminal Server installs:

1.       Make sure this user has rights to write to the WINDOWS \ Winnt folder on the Server.

2.       Search the entire server for ads.ini

a.       If you find one NOT in a profile delete it.

3.       Have profiles been moved off this server?  Be sure that they have the proper rights to that location also.

4.       If you setup a default home folder in active directory, it redirects the windows folder.  You will get the "unable to write to ads.ini" error if you don't have proper rights to the user home folder also.

5.       Verify that the proper security rights are set up for the Advantage, Practice and Data Folders (Everyone and System have Full Control and if in Active Directory or a Domain add Domain Users to the list of groups that need Full Control)

6.       If you are still receiving the error please call ProSystem fx Practice Support

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