How do I generate an extension for a 1040 return using worksheet view?

​The video below shows how to create a 1040 extension and where to enter adjustments and overrides using CCH Axcess™ Tax, CCH® Global fx Tax, and CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax.

There are two methods for creating extensions extension in a return.

Method 1: Generating an Automatic Extension - [Return]

With this method, the system uses information already present in the return to generate the Form 4868 and amounts. 
  1. Go to General > Return Options.
    • Select Section 2 - Form Printing Options.
      • In Line 15 - Form 4868 (automatic extension of time to file), use the drop-down to select Mandatory extension.
      • In Line 16 - State Extension (resident state automatic extension of time to file), use the drop-down to select Mandatory extension (if applicable).
  2. Calculate the return. 

Method 2: Entering information to fill out the extension - [Return]

With this method, you designate the amounts that flow to the Form 4868.
  1. Go to Extensions > Extensions.
    • Select Section 1 - Automatic Extension (Form 4868).
      • In Lines 1-13 - General Information, enter information as applicable.
      • In Lines 14-15 - Letters and Filing Instructions, enter information as applicable. 
      • In Lines 17-22 - Federal column, enter information as applicable.
      • In Lines 17-23 - State column, enter information as applicable.
        • Note: Click Add at the top of the state column to add additional states.
  2. Calculate the return.
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