“CDS Missing Data – CDSFormstat Missing Data provider or Data packet” when logging into Time Entry.

On affected workstation:
  1. Close out of Time Entry, Practice and Inquiry.
  2. Right-click the START button and left-click Explore when local menu displays.
  3. Locate Local Disk (C:), click ‘+’ to open folder.
  4. Locate PracData folder, click ‘+’ to open folder.
  5. Locate folder named with a long string of numbers and letters in brackets, i.e., {44F85C71-2150-4F5C-9D31-127002C32B8B}), click ‘+’ to open folder.
  6. Note the following files inside the PracData folder:
    • Clients.cds
    • FormStat.cds
    • StafCols.cds
  7. Delete the FormStat.cds file.
  8. Log back into Time Entry.
  9. If above process fails to clear the error, proceed with next step.
  10. Clean/remove temporary files on this workstation.
  11. Reboot the workstation.
  12. Verify virus exclusions are set properly on this workstation.
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