How do I designate Electronic Withdrawal of California estimate payments using interview forms in Individual tax?

California has mandated taxpayers to remit their estimate tax payments electronically if one or more of the CA estimated tax payments exceed $20,000.

Taxpayers can do this through the FTB website and use the WebPay feature or a credit card. They can also choose to use Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) through their CA e-filed return.

To use EFW on a CA e-filed return:

  1. Go to Federal Interview Form BNK - 1 - Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Withdrawal and Form 8888.
    • In boxes 30 through 63, enter the information as needed.
  2. Go to California Interview Form CA16 - California Dlectronic Filing Information (1 of 2).
    • In box 60 - Use electronic withdrawal for California estimated tax payments (Y)(N), use the lookup feature (double-click or click F4) to select 'Y - yes'.
  3. Calculate the return.

Note: CA16, Boxes 61 through 64 will override the standard dates of withdrawal, and Box 65 will apply the bank information only to the CA estimate payments.

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