How do I run a Verify Common Data report in the CCH Data Analysis Tool?

  1. Open CCH Data Analysis Tool.
  2. Click Start the Data Analysis Tool.
  3. Click Verify common data.
  4. Select the product for the first database you would like to verify.
  5. Enter a description for this database.
  6. Click Browse and browse to the backup of the database for the product you would like to verify.
    • See our article for instructions on backing up a database.
    • If you are accessing a CCH Global fx Tax or CCH Document ASP database, and have secured it with a password, you will be prompted for the password you assigned when downloading the database.
    • If you are accessing a CCH Practice database, you will need to use the login credentials of the Firm Administrator.
    • For all other products, you will need to provide a supervisor or administrator level login.
  7. If desired, you can filter by client status using the Client Status drop-down.
    • Note: These statuses are for accounts licensed for Client Manager only. They will have no effect if the account the database is from does not license Client Manager.
  8. If you would like to add additional databases in this report, repeat steps 4 through 7.
    • Note: If you need more rows to work with, you can add additional rows using the Add a new row link.
  9. You can change whether or not the SSN/EIN is shown using the SSN/EIN display bullets.
    • Note: By default all SSN/EIN numbers are hidden.
  10. Click Start when you are finished adding databases.
  11. Once the verification process is complete, click Close on the popup box stating that the process has completed.
  12. Click the Event Log tab.
  13. For the database you would like to review, click on the View Report button in the appropriate column.
  14. You may use the Select type of report and Select report display buttons to filter your results.
  15. Click on a specific client to view the exceptions for that ID.

See our article if you would like see instruction on how to save the report to an export format.

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