How do I create a client portal for an existing client using CCH Axcess Portal (integrated)?

  1. Open Dashboard.
  2. Select Configuration from the navigation panel.
  3. Select Client under Client Manager heading.
  4. Open an existing client.
  5. Select Portal from the navigation panel.
  6. Check Enable portal.
  7. Enter the Portal administrator's email address.
  8. Select to create a Client area and set the amount of storage space for it, if you want to enable a client area.
    • Note: A client area gives your client personal storage space in Portal.  It uses space that you are licensed for.  You do not have access to see what your client stores in this space. 
  9. Check Active.
  10. Enter File Expiry period if desired (optional).
    • File Expiry is used to set the amount of time that files uploaded to Portal will expire in.  This applies to all of the files in the client's portal.
  11. Use Select users to select a Portal Approver or firm users that will have access to upload files to the client's portal.
    • Select from the Available users list and use the green Add button.  Select OK when finished.
  12. Check the user you want to be the Portal Approver. One approver is required, additional approvers are optional.
  13. Select a Portal folder template.
  14. To exit, select Save & Close.

Note: An email will be sent to the portal administrator with further instructions for setting up the portal to the portal administrator's email address.

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