How do I make a recurring journal entry in CCH ProSystem fx Trial Balance?

  1. Follow the standard steps to create the journal entry.
  2. On the Journal Entry Details grid, click the Recurring button. The Recurring dialog displays.
  3. Place a check mark in the All following periods in selected year box if the entry should recur for every selected interim period during the year (This option is not available if Interim Periods is not selected in Setup > Company Information from the toolbar).
  4. Indicate if the recurring entry should be with or without amounts in the Use of amounts drop-down box.
  5. Place a check mark in the Roll forward box if the entry should roll forward to the new year.
    • In the Occurrences drop-down box, indicate if this entry should roll forward for all periods in the new year or just the comparable period. If you select to roll forward to all periods in the year, in order to create the recurrences for periods beyond the first period, you must select Work > Interim Items > Create Recurring J/Es from the toolbar after the roll forward has been performed.
    • Indicate if the entry should roll forward in the new year with or without amounts in the Use of amounts drop-down box.
  6. Click OK. Complete the rest of the steps to add the journal entry (entering accounts/leads/tax lines, entry amounts).
  7. When you are ready to start processing for the next interim period, select the Work menu > Interim Items > Create Interim Recurring J/Es from the toolbar. The Create Interim Recurring J/Es dialog displays.
  8. Place a check mark in the Create. . . recurring journal entries box appropriate to the interim period types for which the journal entry should recur.
  9. In the associated drop-down box for each period you have checked, select the latest period for which the recurrences should be made.
  10. Click OK. The recurring journal entries are created.

Note: If the recurring entries were created without amounts, access the Journal Entry Details grid for the corresponding journal entry, and enter the amounts. 

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